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Exhibitor profile

FeuerTRUTZ Fire Safety Network offers a wealth of expert information on fire prevention, in printed or electronic form, for stationary or mobile use. FeuerTRUTZ also organizes the leading trade fair for preventive fire protection in Nuremberg and other events.

Preventive Fire Protection is a very important and diversified subject worldwide. Numerous experts, specialists and other parties of the building industry are faced with challenges of fire precautions during all construction phases. In Germany more than 20,000 experts deal with fire protection ­measures.
The market structures, laws and regulations are ­organized very differently in every country. Even for foreign experts it is not easy to get the overview about the market structures in the area of preven­tive fire protection in Germany.
FeuerTRUTZ enables you to receive an insight into the German fire safety market and promotes the international exchange surrounding the topic of preventive fire protection. Therefore FeuerTRUTZ offers a range of information for you.
Visit our English website to find out more about FeuerTRUTZ Network and its offers:

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